5 Benefits of Buying American

A powerful sentiment remains in the hearts of our citizens—Americans take pride in their work.

Products manufactured in the US are associated with craftsmanship. It’s one of the reasons Ace A/C of Ocala has chosen to install Goodman HVAC systems.

Goodman HVAC systems are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. We believe in their company and their products.

Reasons for buying products manufactured in the US abound. Below are 5 benefits of buying American and why we are committed to providing American-made products to our customers.

1. Buying American ensures the best quality and best price.

Products that bear the statement “Made in the USA” communicate quality. Overseas companies aren’t regulated by our laws so their products can’t be monitored for the level of quality that is expected by Americans. While shipments and products can be tracked, there is no actual guarantee of the imported goods quality or longevity.

Longevity is a critical factor when investing in an HVAC system. The cost per use for American made products is actually often lower as US crafted products will last far longer than a foreign-made alternative. American-made quality translates into savings for homeowners and increased profit margins for businesses.

2. Buying American strengthens the US economy.

When you buy American-made goods, it doesn’t just support the manufacturing company. It also doesn’t only support the workers who make the products. The benefits have a ripple effect on the entire economy. When American factories prosper, they hire American construction firms to expand their buildings, American energy suppliers to provide them with power, and American accounting firms to handle their finances. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that every U.S. manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other parts of the economy.

American manufacturing means investment and financial benefit for the US economy. When more goods are produced by American manufacturers, our nation’s economy grows.

3.    Buying American benefits human beings.

When products are made in the US, federal and local governments regulate working conditions, ensure wages are paid, and appropriate laws are upheld in accordance with United States Labor Laws. Importing goods from abroad relinquishes control of labor standards and transparency is lost.

The government enacted standards like OSHA ensure safe working conditions in the manufacturing industry. Controls and regulations are in place to minimize accidents while granting rights to employees. Foreign countries often do not have the same level of health and safety standards for employees. Buying American benefits American workers and functions as an indirect incentive for other countries to improve working conditions for their people.

4. Buying American benefits the environment.

One reason it’s cheaper to make goods in developing countries is many of them have few or no regulations to protect the environment. Many factories overseas which produce goods for export to the US also produce large amounts of hazardous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil.

Goods made overseas are shipped across oceans to reach American stores, burning fossil fuel and emitting greenhouse gases with every mile they travel. When companies outsource the manufacturing of products outside the U.S., they effectively increase the global production of pollution.

Current technologies enable manufacturing processes in the US to engage in renewable, and eco-friendly practices. If you purchase American-made products, you are contributing to a cleaner environment for generations.

Pollution is an important concern to Ace A/C because the goal of our business is to provide you with more than an HVAC system. Ultimately, our end product is a clean environment for you and your family.

5. Buying American benefits our independence.

We Americans have pride in our nation and in our independence. Relying on exports from other countries is counterintuitive and diminishes our independence. We strengthen our independence by buying American-made products.

Manufacturing in the USA means jobs for thousands of people. When money is invested in buying American-made products, more money goes into manufacturing American-made goods. The manufacturing sector grows, more jobs are created, and that pushes more money back into the economy. This is a cycle that individuals and businesses can get behind. It’s a win-win on all counts!

Think of how this strengthens America from the inside out. It provides the ideal solution for building our national economy by building on the best economic foundation possible: American citizens buying American-made products.

We think it is increasingly important for Americans to invest in and buy American-made products. Doing so surpasses simple patriotism. We are convinced that providing American products contributes to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country.