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We sell Goodman products. They are made in the USA. We’ve found the quality of their products to be excellent and because they are made in the United States, parts are easy to get making repairs faster and more cost-efficient

What Are the Signs You Need a new Air Conditioner?

  • Older Unit — The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 years, however if you are facing major repairs and your unit is ten years or older, you may consider the benefits of a new unit.
  • Energy Efficiency — Older units are not as energy efficient. Newer units with a SEER rating 13 and above can save you money in your utility bill. If you are serious about energy efficiency, ask us about our 27 seer units.
  • It’s Hot — If your A/C unit isn’t maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, it may be time to consider a new one.

Our Specialities Include:

Central Air Conditioning and Ductless A/C Systems

Central air conditioning, also known as whole home air conditioning, is something we have specialized in for years. Single window unit A/Cs cannot effectively cool your Ocala home or business as much as a whole home system can.


Are you looking for a system that can be used for both heating and cooling? Ductless A/C is the answer. Your ductless system can be AC–only or, using heat pump technology, also provide you with heat. 

Heat Pumps

When you want a single system to provide your home with the heating and cooling it needs, you want to look into purchasing a heat pump. Heat pumps use refrigerant to offer your home both heating and cooling, so you’ll save on fossil fuel use, and they can be used with both ducted and ductless systems.


Package units are very popular with commercial properties as they contain all the needed components for the heating and cooling system, but they have another great application: mobile home units. Many people in our area enjoy the simple living of a mobile home, and we have the package unit services you need for either type of property, and all in–between!


Your thermostat is the control center for your home’s HVAC system. Let Ace A/C of Ocala find and install the right thermostat for your home and make sure your thermostat works optimally.

Do you struggle with uneven heating or cooling? Are you tired of the constant fight over your single thermostat? Let us help with a zone control system. With zone control, you can tailor your heating and cooling to meet your needs. We can also repair, maintain or replace your existing system, whether we installed it or not.

How We Measure Your Home to Determine Exactly What You Need

Every home needs a specific amount of cooling to be comfortable, and the best way to find out this amount is by having our experts conduct a load calculation. This calculation factors in multiple items that can affect your cooling, including:

  • Your home’s floor plan and orientation
  • The level of insulation throughout the home
  • Types of windows and doors
  • Number of occupants
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of stories
  • Daytime heat gain

There may be a few more factors considered, but these are some of the most important ones. Once our technician has this information, he/she will conduct a load calculation that will tell us what size air conditioner will provide the cooling you need for the long–term. And this calculation isn’t just for brand new installations, we do them for replacements as well. It’s important that you have the cool air you need during the summer, and we want to make sure you have it!

Save Big Money With an Upgraded Thermostat

Your thermostat is the control center for your entire HVAC system, telling it when to turn on and off as it senses the rise or drop in your indoor temperature. Today’s thermostats have become powerful tools for energy efficiency and comfort, coming a long way away from the days of the slide or mercury dial thermostats.

If you are still using a non-digital thermostat, you could be losing out – a lot. The HVAC experts from Ace A/C of Ocala can help you find the right thermostat to match your current heating and cooling system so that you can have the comfort, convenience and energy savings you need.

Why is an upgraded thermostat important?

You may be thinking: how much of a difference can an upgraded thermostat really make? Here are some reasons to consider it:

  • Precise temperature settings – A difference of 2–3 degrees can make a fairly big difference in your energy usage. Why? The EPA estimates that for every degree you can reduce your heating and cooling, you can save 3% per degree. However, if you are still using a dial or slide type of thermostat, you will be challenged to find an exact setting because the degrees are given in ranges. The digital face of an upgraded thermostat allows you to program exactly.
  • Ability to program – We’ve all experienced running back and forth to the thermostat in order to reduce cooling or heating when we aren’t at home and when we arrive back home. Imagine being able to set a single program that accommodates for your temperature changes each day? You can do so with a programmable thermostat.
  • Remote access – How many times have you left your home and realized you have left your heating or cooling on too high? We have, too, and that’s where a smart thermostat can become your best friend. Not only are smart thermostats programmable and easy to read, you can access yours from any smart device using the thermostat’s app.
Common Thermostat Repairs

Because they are so small, you may imagine that your thermostat doesn’t need repair, or that they don’t really ever malfunction in a way that requires repair. The truth is a malfunctioning thermostat can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, but our experts can help you with all of your thermostat repairs. Some of the more common ones we see are:

  • Problems with the instrumentation – There is some very delicate instrumentation inside your home’s thermostat, and if any of these components are malfunctioning, the thermostat will malfunction. Even a layer of dirt and dust can disrupt the functioning of your thermostat’s instruments.
  • Wiring issues – Wires inside your thermostat can fray and/or corrode, which will make for poor electrical connections. Your thermostat communicates via electricity, so if the wires aren’t working properly, neither will your thermostat.
  • The heat anticipator is off – The heat anticipator tells your heater how long it should stay on; if it isn’t calibrated correctly, your system may do what’s called short–cycling: constantly turning on and off, which will quickly run your system down. Your Ace A/C of Ocala technician will know exactly how to fix the anticipator—just give us a call!

Take Control with an Ace A/C of Ocala Zone Control System

If you have a ducted HVAC system, there is a great way to manage cooling and heating in your entire house: a zone control system.

Not only do we install zone control systems, we also repair them, maintain them and replace them, even if we weren’t the initial company to handle the work. Because zone control systems become an integrated part of your home’s ductwork system, it is imperative to work with people qualified to handle the job, and our NATE-certified experts are the perfect choice.


It’s very important to allow only a trained expert like ours to install your zone control system.


A zone control system is comprised of a series of motorized dampers that are installed into your home’s ductwork on the supply side. These dampers are instructed to open and close as needed by a main control panel. Also connected to the main control panel are the thermostats from each zone. This is how the control panel knows to open or close a particular damper in order to maintain the right temperatures in each zone.


As you can see, this is a fairly complicated installation, involving your ductwork, the establishment of zones in your home, your electrical system and the successful functioning of the dampers. Our experts handle this kind of installation all the time, so you can count on us installing your zone control system correctly and quickly the first time around, not the third or fourth. That means you’ll also enjoy the benefits your zone control system has to offer much sooner, too.


Yes, there are benefits! 

  • Better energy efficiency – Being able to control your cooling and heating per zone can help reduce your energy consumption considerably, particularly if you have a large home or have rooms of your home that remain largely unoccupied.
  • Greater comfort – A single–set thermostat can present challenges when trying to reach a temperature that works for everyone in your home. By creating separate zones throughout your house, you have the ability to heat and cool as wanted in each zone. A zone control system also helps eliminate the occurrence of hot and cold spots that can develop when using a single–set thermostat.
  • Less strain on your system – When you are using only the exact cooling you need, and not cooling an entire home based on a single–set thermostat, your air conditioner works less. Less work can mean less wear–and–tear on your system, which helps prevent premature aging.

Why It Is Important to Use Infrared Camera Technology While Servicing Your A/C System

With our FLIR instruments, we can pinpoint via thermal temperature exactly where the moisture is and even more importantly, where it is emanating from. We can then make a plan to remedy the situation so that you don’t have to worry about further corrosion.

Infrared readings can help with many more things, though, including air balancing in ductwork, the location of air leaks, misrouted ductwork, hot spots, cold spots and other energy-wasting problems. Being able to detect these kinds of problems with the FLIR line of products helps us help you become more comfortable and energy efficient.


Saving you energy is an integral part of all of our services.  With FLIR products, we can be much more accurate. 

FLIR allows us to:

  • Detect overloaded electrical connections
  • Detection and location of hot spots
  • Inspection of ductwork to locate faults where cooler air may be penetrating
  • Locate problematic piping
  • Find the sources of excess, unwanted moisture

FLIR products allow our technicians to capture thermal images which are then downloaded on our laptops. Not only does this allow us to review and accurately diagnose potential issues, but we can show you what is happening in your home. If there’s a hot spot in your ductwork, you’ll see that clearly.