Package Units

Our NATE-Certified Technicians are Experts at Diagnosing and Repairing Package A/C Units.

Mobile homes have limited space both inside and out, and it’s important to also have protection for an HVAC system. Hiring our technicians for the installation or replacement of your package unit means you can count on us installing your heating and cooling system correctly the first time so that you can enjoy years of use. We also specialize in the repair and maintenance of these types of HVAC systems, whether we installed them or not. So give us a call and see what the Ace A/C of Ocala difference means!

Types of Package Units

When you opt to go with a packaged unit for your home, mobile home, or commercial property, you have some choices. Here are the four we work with:

  • Traditional packaged air conditioner – for those who don’t want heating as part of their package unit, a cooling–only unit, aka, a traditional package air conditioner, has a single cabinet that houses all of the components of the air conditioning system.
  • Package heat pump – a package heat pump system has all of the heat pump components, including the reversing valve, contained in a single cabinet.
  • Package duel fuel – this type of package unit offers cooling in the summer, and heat pump heating for fall and spring. When the temperature goes below freezing, this unit will utilize either gas or propane to heat your home.
  • Package gas/electric – a packaged gas/electric system uses electricity to cool during the warm months and gas to heat during the cold months.

Why Choose a Package Unit?

There are a few reasons a package unit may be a good fit for you. First, it is typically placed on the roof (especially if you have a mobile home), which provides protection from debris and vandalism. Second, having all the components of your HVAC system in a single location makes it much easier for your Ace A/C of Ocala technician to access and service your package unit. Third, having all of the components housed in a single cabinet, and then placing that cabinet on a rooftop (if that is what you choose) can be very space–saving, an important feature if you have a small space like a mobile home. Lastly, package units can have very large capacity, which means they can cool very large commercial spaces, if needed.