Ductless Air Conditioners

Improve Your Home With a Ductless A/C System from Ace A/C of Ocala

Our experts have years of experience installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining ductless cooling systems. This means when you call us for any of these services, our NATE-certified pros will get the job done correctly the first time around, and in an efficient manner. Expanding your home but don’t want to expand your ductwork? No problem. Let us help you by installing a ductless blower for your cooling needs.

Benefits of a Ductless A/C System

Ductless air conditioners can offer a few benefits other systems can’t.  Unlike traditional split system ACs, ductless ACs deliver the cool air via indoor blowers that are connected to the outdoor unit versus ductwork. Here are some of the benefits you can see when you have a ductless A/C system installed:

  • Better energy efficiency — Faulty ductwork can make up a third of your home’s lost air, but with a ductless system that is not a problem! The energy savings can be quite significant!
  • More flexibility in placement — The indoor blowers are mounted to walls or ceilings, giving you the ability to determine their best location. They can also be moved fairly easily if needed.
  • Easy to expand — Outdoor units typically support up to 4 indoor blowers (some support up to 6). As long as you have the support you need from the outdoor unit, you can easily expand your cooling capabilities simply by adding another indoor blower to your home.

Ductless A/C System Repairs

The components of a ductless cooling system are highly accessible, making some repairs easier than those with a traditional AC. Here are some of the more common repairs our experts handle with ductless cooling systems:

  • Issues with the blowers — The indoor blowers are made to be very durable, but each blower has its own fan, set of coils and air filter. Each of these components themselves can malfunction, which will affect how a particular blower operates.
  • Clogs in the condensate line — Every indoor blower has its own condensate line, and these lines can be longer in a ductless system than a traditional one. Issues with condensate line clogs can be handled during an annual maintenance appointment.
  • Leaks in the refrigerant line — Like the condensate lines, every blower also has its own refrigerant line that connects directly to the outdoor unit. Sometimes these lines can become damaged, causing leaks to develop, which will affect how that blower cools your home.