Indoor Air Quality

Protecting Your Health and Well-Being with Indoor Air Quality

Temperature control is the name of the game here in Ocala, FL, where summers are hot and temperatures soar. We think in terms of temperature with heaters as well, and figure if the thermostat reflects a comfortable level, then we’re all set. Unfortunately, the truth is a little more complicated. Indoor air quality plays as much of a role in our comfort levels as temperature, and on Ocala, FL, ignoring the issue can be costly as well as uncomfortable.

At Ace A/C of Ocala, we believe that indoor air quality is key to your health and well-being. That’s why we offer installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services on a wide variety of indoor air quality products. If you want to breathe a little easier or just feel more comfortable in your home, contact us today. We’ll get the indoor air quality product that’s right for you!

You Need a Product That Reflects Your Household

In Ocala, FL, high humidity is often a problem and other indoor air quality issues depend on who is occupying your home and what they require to feel comfortable. That’s why we offer full consultation services to our clients: analyzing the needs of your home and making recommendation for what you need before installing an indoor air quality product that perfectly suits you.

What Does Indoor Air Quality Products Address?

You may need a reduction in the pollen or dust count of your home, or defense against the spread of illnesses. You might need to lower the humidity levels, or even just find some way to stop your air from feeling so stagnant. Whatever the issue, Ace A/C of Ocala has a product to help. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the systems and services we can offer you.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our air ducts are responsible for moving conditioned air throughout our home. In the process, dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate, then get blown into your air space with your HVAC fans. The solution is an air duct cleaning service from trained professionals. They’ll scour your ducts of any dirt and prevent it from bothering your household!


An air filtration service is often a simple filter placed at the apex of your ducts and straining particle out of the air as it blows through your system. It’s surprisingly effective, especially when using HEPA filters which are designed to screen out the maximum amount of dust and particles. A trained technician can install one in your system, then clean and replace the filters as needed when they get dirty.


Package units are very popular with commercial properties as they contain all the needed components for the heating and cooling system, but they have another great application: mobile home units. Many people in our area enjoy the simple living of a mobile home, and we have the package unit services you need for either type of property, and all in–between!


If a filter isn’t enough to get the air clean for you, then consider an electronic air purifier. It uses an ionization chamber to charge any dust particles that pass through it, which then stick to the sides of a collection chamber and are removed from your air system.


Humidity is a constant problem here in Ocala, FL, and without a first–class dehumidifier you’re apt to feel it. High humidity levels make your skin feel clammy and wet, while forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home and fostering the spread of mold and bacteria. A whole–house dehumidifier can solve those problems.


When a breach appears in your ducts, it can pull in dust and debris from the outside air. That dust can then be spread throughout your home very quickly thanks to the fan in your HVAC system. In order to prevent that, call upon Ace A/C of Ocala to perform quality duct sealing services and treat the problem at its source!


Problems with your ducts can be hard to spot, and if you aren’t careful, they can cause a lot of damage before you finally spot them. Instead, look to quality duct testing services to look for any hidden issues. That gives you the knowledge you need to call for a quality repair service to fix it!


UV air purifiers are designed specifically to eliminate germs and organic contaminants. The UV light stretches across the interior of your ducts, and when the germs and bacteria pass through it, it kills them dead. UV purifiers are especially recommended for households with infants and adults with health concerns such as asthma.