Energy Savings

Ace A/C of Ocala Saves You Money on Your Electric Bill With an A/C System Energy Audit

You might be spending much more on your home energy bills each month than you should. This could be due to an aging and inefficient air conditioner, clogged filters, air leaks around doors and windows, insufficient insulation in the attic, or gaps in the ductwork that permits air to escape from the ventilation system.

Ace A/C of Ocala wants to help you have the most energy efficient home possible. Contact us today, and we will arrange for a home energy audit, maintenance for your HVAC system, installation of a high-efficiency air conditioner, new programmable thermostats, and other improvements that will both help you save money and benefit the environment.

What Is an Energy Audit?

A professional energy audit is when trained experts in home efficiency survey a house to locate all the places where it might be losing energy. This includes looking over the insulation, checking the home for air leaks, and testing the appliances. Once the auditors are done, they present the homeowner with a list of trouble areas—as well as potential solutions to these problems.

Energy Star Heating & Cooling Equipment

The U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program helps customers find air conditioning and heating equipment that will conserve energy and save money, as well as contribute to protecting the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR–qualified air conditioners use at least 10% less energy than non–qualified units, and you can expect to save an average of $75 annually over the system’s lifetime. ENERGY STAR units also offer more features, such as timers, remote control, directional vents, and digital displays.

To give a boost to these energy–efficient heating and air conditioning systems, arrange to have a programmable thermostat installed, such as the ComfortNet Communicating Control System. This way you can control your home’s temperature throughout the year even when you’re asleep or away from home.

Energy Saving Tips

There are a number of basic steps you can take around your house to help save on your energy bills:

  • Change or clean the air filter in your HVAC system once a month.
  • Clear out the area around the outdoor condenser of trees, bushes, and weeds that might restrict the unit from releasing heat.
  • Consider the installation of heat pump for home heating rather than using electric strip heaters, which are a third less energy efficient.
  • Schedule duct testing with our professionals so you can have all air leaks sealed up.
  • Check on the sealing around doors and windows, and install tinted windows to reduce radiant heat entering your house.
  • Make sure that you have adequate insulation in the attics by checking the insulation’s depth.