How FLIR Infrared Technology Helps Find & Fix Your A/C Issues

FLIR technology

We all want our homes to be a comfortable temperature—all the time.

We also want a “comfortable” cost for that pleasant temperature.

How can you get both? 

Regular maintenance helps your A/C system run efficiently. But, how do you know if your A/C system is healthy?

Just like a checkup for your heart health, a diagnostic test of your A/C system could prevent the painful loss of thousands of dollars over a few short years.

What’s the best device to diagnose my home’s energy efficiency?

We enthusiastically use FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer) thermal imaging technology!

Reducing your energy costs is an integral part of all of our services. When innovative technology becomes available which empowers us to deliver results for our customers, we invest in those technologies and employ them to their maximum potential.

FLIR thermal readers are surprisingly small. Although FLIR devices will fit in a large pocket, they yield tremendous amounts of scientific data which enables us to serve you and your energy needs in a variety of ways.

Why do we use FLIR technology?

FLIR is the global leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging infrared cameras. FLIR electronic devices are used by the US government for thermal imaging applications to empower first-responders and our military. That same technology is now available for detecting energy issues in your home.

What does FLIR detect in my home?

For example: Perhaps you’ve noticed some substance that looks like mildew on the cabinet of your heat pump. Mildew anywhere in your home is unhealthy, but especially on an interior A/C unit. Mildew only grows when moisture is present. Although you’ve looked thoroughly, you can’t see the source of the moisture.

Temperature is the common indicator HVAC technicians use to diagnose repair issues. However, most assessments are rudimentary and rarely help identify water sources.

Using FLIR thermal imaging, we can pinpoint exactly the hidden source of the moisture. We then clarify solutions and discuss a plan to remedy the problem so you can be confident the issue is resolved.

With FLIR thermal imaging, not only is accuracy dramatically improved, but the number of potential energy loss problems which can be detected removes the guesswork for repairs.

Some examples of issues detected are:

  • Ductwork leaks allowing cool air to escape
  • Misrouted ductwork causing inefficiency
  • Hot spots and cold spots in the system
  • Electrical connections which overload
  • Hidden causes of corrosion
  • Sources of moisture and potential mold

Using FLIR infrared camera technology enables our technicians to target and troubleshoot your HVAC and indoor air quality problems quickly, saving you on energy costs.

FLIR is a customer-focused advancement in energy diagnostics

FLIR captures thermal images our technicians download to a laptop computer to precisely diagnose existing and potential problems. The software enables us to show our customers very clear images of the A/C and energy systems in their home. FLIR gives us the technical data to pinpoint an issue while also providing our customers with visual information to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

Using FLIR technology enables Ace A/C of Ocala to ensure that your home is not only comfortable but also gives you peace of mind that your energy dollars are spent efficiently too.

Ace A/C of Ocala is the only Air Conditioning company with FLIR technology in the area. We feel it gives us the best ability to serve our customers.

May we help you with temperature–related issues in your home with our comprehensive infrared camera service?

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